Messages and Reminders.

Grandad John

This is one of the hardest things I've had to put together and do,
All of my lovely memories of my grandad to listen up grandad as this ones for you!

Right from when I was younger we always seemed to have fun together,
So here are just some of my memories that will make me smile forever,

The tea machine in the mornings when we used to stay,
Smarties from the village shop before we'd go to the park to play,
A game of Newmarket with matchsticks after fish and chips for dinner,
And of course, I always wanted to be the winner,

Then, when I was 11, we moved to Greensleeves in Glemsford together,
Me and my brother would play a trick or two which will make us laugh forever,
From air hockey on the dining room table, which ended up with your red wine all over the floor,
To turning everything upside down, hiding things and much more,
Luckily, most of the time, you could see the funny side...
And well, if you didn't, we'd soon run and hide,

Christmas time, yes, this was always a good time of year,
'Bah Humbug' he'd say, but I'm sure secretly he was full of Christmas cheer,
When he'd be at the pub having a game of crib and a glass of the famous grouse,
The Christmas decs would be going up, especially at his end of the house,
Not forgetting our tradition, together making the famous Christmas cake,

Grandad liked to feed it, so those driving would be advised to avoid it - for their own sake,

Then when I began to drive, we started going out for lunch together,
Table 6 in the corner will be our table forever,
Grandad loved eating out with his family and friends,
He was very grateful to be able to do this right up until the end,
When he was well, Me and rich would take him out once a week,
When I ordered my dessert, I'd always seem to lose half my ice cream - the little sneak!
He'd say to rich you can have the rum by without the coke,
He always thought the dash of cokes cost was a bit of a joke!

He had some funny ideas my grandad, one of which, earlier last year was him buying a black cab,
Somehow we ended up on eBay with him, I was a little scared he'd end up buying one! Trying to explain that one to dad would have been fab!

Grandad said the Christmas just gone was one of the best he'd had,
A good old traditional Christmas - kids playing, family around and the old boy falling asleep in the corner - just how it was when he was a lad!

He might not have always been the best husband or the best dad,
But he was a pretty awesome grandad - he didn't do bad at that!
I'm thankful for being his granddaughter and for all the times we had together,
He will always be with me, in memory, forever.