1. The League shall be called the BORDER INVITATION CRIBBAGE LEAGUE and consist of 10 team maximum, with the headquarters at Glemsford Social Club.
  2. Entry fee for each team shall be decided at the AGM.
  3. A player may only play for one team in the League during the season.
  4. Infringements to be reported to the secretary, in writing, who shall take such appropriate action as he/she considers fitting.
  5. Each match shall be played on the Monday night in each week. Any team unable to play on the named date shall contact the opposing team captain to re-arrange a date suitable to both teams. The match must be played within 14 days of the original data, weather permitting. Any Club unable to fulfil their fixture shall lose the match 9-0 and 5 points be awarded to their opponents. If unforeseen or emergency circumstances do occur and the two Clubs cannot agree a re-match the matter will be referred to the committee.
  6. Each match shall consist of three tables of two opposing pairs and each table shall play five games. Each table shall play for 1 point and 2 points shall be awarded to the winning team. In the event of a player leaving the table during the match through any unavoidable cause, another player from that team shall be eligible to play.
  7. All matches shall commence at 8:30pm, any team not complying with this rule shall forfeit the 5 points and a score of 9-0 being played for and these shall be awarded to their opponents. If a team has to withdraw from the league during the season all their previous results will become null and void, unless the withdrawal occurs after the start of the second half of the season then only those results will be affected. The first half results will stand. The team will not receive any refund of subscriptions.
  8. The result of each match is to be signed by the respective Captains. The winning team shall be responsible for the result being sent to the fixtures secretary no later than mid-day on the Friday following the match. Any team not complying with this rule shall forfeit the 5 points and a score of 9-0 being played for and these shall be awarded to their opponents.
  9. The respective Captains shall be responsible for the good conduct of all players.
  10. Any disputes shall be referred to the committee.
  11. The League title shall be decided by the team with the highest number of points at the end of the season. If two or more Clubs are level on points the team which has won most games, shall be the winners. If this should be identical the League will be decided on averages. Should these be the same then it will be decided on table points. If there is no clear-cut winner then a play off will take place.
  12. A player may play in more than one of the following competitions in any one season :- Singles, Doubles, Captains and Mixed Doubles.
  13. Committee to consist of one member from each Club.
  14. Clubs hosting cup competitions shall be entitled to expenses (ie refreshments, raffle prizes) and all monies left over will go to the league funds.

Rules agreed and passed at AGM 22nd August 2016.