2007/2008 Finals Night

Individual Cup 2008

P. Gooch. The Hare Long Melford


Ladies Cups 2008

H. Sharp. Ex Service Mens Club


Captains Cup 2008.

R. Orton. The Angel Glemsford


The Gooch Cup 2008.

Cora and Robin Brown. Melford Swan


Aggregate Shield 2008

The Bush Shimpling

Right to Left - E. Bates, S. Armstrong, R. Wright, and S. Armstrong (Captain)

Other Team Members - T. Gridley, B. Newman, D. Newman, G. Sparke and J. Maffy


Knock-Out Cup Winners 2008 and League Runners Up

The Cock Glemsford

Left to Right - M. Pearson, C. Debourg, H. Walton, D. Gray, S. Heffer (Captain), 'Pop' Bichard, D. Buntin and A. Wordley


League Cups Winners 2008 and Knock-Out Cup Runners Up

Clare Globe A

Left to Right - D. Steward, V. Underwood (Holdong KO R/U Cup), B. Ebbon (Captain, Holding Leagues Cup), J. Stubbings (Holding Smith Ellis Cup), J. Ebbon (Holding Brown Cup won by T. Mills and R.Sheppard) and P. Ince


Richer Cup 2008

The Cherry Tree Glemsford. J. Morland and A. Chapman