Messages and Reminders.

11 Dec 2018 A box with the Brown & Smith trophies has been received from Anne Curran along with the complete bases of some other cups. If anyone would like to keep them before they are dumped please contact myself or Maggie Buntin. This message will be repeated at the Richer Cup next week but after that they will be binned.
22 Nov 2018 Reminder to please bring your raffle prizes for the Richer Cup Charity Crib Drive on Wednesday December 19th.
Please aim to be seated and ready for an 8:00 prompt start.
23  Oct 2018 The individual table has caught the eye a bit but the average doesn't really seem to work. So I have added an alternative for your review / interest.

Matches played is the total matches a player has played.
Games won is the total number of games won from those matches.
Tables won is the number of wins over the 5 games.
      (3-2 up win counts 1 , 2-3 loss counts 0)
Game %age = games won as percentage of the total matches played times 5
      (ie 5 matches played = 25 games total. 20 games won = 80%)
Tables won % is the number of tables won as percentage of the number of matches played.
      (ie the number of times a player has won by 3 or more tables as percentage of matches.

This gives a better split of position effectively listing the 4/5 game winners over the 3 or four game winners. I have exclude any playing less than 4 games as this tends to skew the figures (ie winning an only game = 100%) but they could be included.

Thoughts? Love it. Hate it. Not worth it. Don't care. Let me know. E-mail or text.
29 Sept 2018 Results updated to mail received Saturday 29th. No further update until I return from golf
weekend Tuesday 4th earliest.
3 Sept 2018 The Individual Singles Cup will now be played at Glemsford Social Club
31 Aug 2018 Please be advised the "Clare Bell" will be playing their games at the "Clare Swan" starting
and including  Wednesday September 5th against Melford Hare. 
The team will be re-named on the fixtures and results table.