RULES 2017/2016

  1. The league shall be called "THE GLEMSFORD AND DISTRICT CRIBBAGE LEAGUE".
  2. The committee will consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Fixtures Secretary plus a representative from each of the  league teams.
  3. The election of the Officers will take place at the A.G.M. or E.G.M. only.
  4. The league will consist of a maximum of  sixteen teams.
  5. Any team wishing to join the league must be represented at the A.G.M., which will be held during the month of July  each year. The subscriptions for the forthcoming season will then be paid, upon receipt of subscriptions teams will be registered to join the league & take part in all cup matches organized by the league.
  6. Subscription fees will be decided at the A.G.M only.
  7. The season will commence in the month of August of each year.
  8. The respective captains shall be responsible for the behaviour & conduct of their team members at all games.
  9. The result of each match will be recorded on a result card & will be signed by both captains. The home captain is responsible for the result card reaching the league Fixtures Secretary no later than Friday following the match.
  10. All League games will be played on a Wednesday, Teams not able to play on Wednesday MUST NOTIFY THE OPPOSING TEAM 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE the league Secretary must also be informed of the postponement . After the  postponement of a game & when it has to be replayed will be after the two captains agree on a day & date. If the team who postponed the game fails to play, then that team shall forfeit the five points and a score of 9-0 shall be awarded to their opponents. A postponed game can be played Tuesday or Thursday.  Inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances will be the only reason for the postponement of games. A postponed game must be played within 21 days of the original fixture.
  11. If a team has to withdraw from the league during the season all of their previous league results will become null & void, unless the withdrawal occurs after the start of the second half of the season then only those results will be affected The first half results will stand. The team will not receive any refund for subscriptions. The players from that team will only be allowed to play for another team in this league if their team has withdrawn in the first half of that season. If the players have won individual awards prior to the teams departure these players will be entitled to the individual awards only. Any team playing a league game with less than 6 players will lose the third table 5.0.
  12. Under normal circumstances no person can play for more that one team in this league during a season.
  13. All league matches shall consist of three tables of opposing pairs, each shall play a rubber of 5 games. Each table shall play for one point and two points shall be awarded to the winning team. In the event of a player having to leave the table through any unavoidable cause another player of that team shall be eligible to play in His or Her place.
  14. The league expects that both teams are ready to commence their game by 8.30 with all their players present.
  15. If a written complaint is received by the Secretary from a Publican or Steward then that team captain should also contact the league in writing before the matter is discussed by the committee.
  16. In the event of a tie for the League Title, second place or aggregate shield the team with the best games average will win. If games totals are equal a play off will be required to establish the winner.
  17. Whilst the League Trophies are in the possession of the teams or individual members all league trophies must be kept at the Public House or Club, that those players represent, so being covered by insurance. If any non-league player wins an individual trophy that trophy will kept at the League Headquarters.

Rules agreed at the A.G.M. 2nd July 2014.